Announces a tender between participants for the

implementation of complex of services in project management under the project

“Construction of the Head Office of “Asaka” Bank   JSCB in the

territory of the Tashkent City MDC Bids are accepted from

November 12, 2018 up to November 26, 2018 18-00 o’clock by

Tashkent time in closed and sealed envelopes.

Legal entities, including foreign companies, irrespective of their pattern

of ownership, that meet the qualification requirements

of tender bidding documents, can take part in the tender.

The tender will be held at the location of the Head office of  “Asaka” Bank  JSCB, at the address:

67, Nukus street, Tashkent City 100015 the Republic of Uzbekistan.

For additional information, including obtaining tender documentation,

contact secretary of procurement commission on phone number 

(78) 120-39-78, (78) 120-39- 43.